Post Cycle Treatment Guide

If you’ve been taking steroids for some time, then the post-cycle treatment is required. The thing is that here we talk about hormonal balance and it is a quite sophisticated thing. Thus, if you want to preserve the effects of steroids and at the same time bring the body back to normal hormonal levels, outer help is needed. Let’s see how it works.

What is Post Cycle Treatment

Post-cycle treatment means the complex measures that are taken to balance the hormonal system after the intake of synthetic hormones. While one is on steroids, the body produces a lesser concentration of the inner hormones, mainly of testosterone. That is why when the cycle is stopped, it requires additional help to restore the natural cycles.

In addition, certain lifestyle changes, especially dietary and those concerned with training are also recommended.

How It Works

Most of the medicines that are taken through this period aim at increasing testosterone production and diminishing the effects of estrogen that grows after the cycle. Thus, they all influence the hormonal system and bring it back to the norm after the action of synthetic steroids.

What is Best PCT?

Several groups of medicines are utilized for this period. Each of them has its own way of influencing the hormonal system and bringing it back to normal condition.


Selective estrogen receptor modulators or SERMs for short are recommended the most often for PCT. Thus, this is a first-line treatment. To this group belongs Clomid or Clomiphene. Its action consists of blocking the effects of estrogen in the body and stimulating the production of testosterone. This is achieved by mimicking the effects of estrogen and binding its receptors.

Clomid goes in doses of 25 and 50 mg. Usually, the patients take 50 mg pills during the first two weeks of PCT and then switch to 25 mg during the next two weeks. The larger doses are not needed. The medicine may cause mild side effects on the digestive system, headaches and dizziness.

Another SERM is tamoxifen or Nolvadex. Its effect is considered not so potent as the one of Clomid. In addition, some supplements boast to have such action but not all of them are backed by science.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

This hormone acts through the stimulation of luteinizing hormone production, which in turn, gives the body the signal to produce more testosterone. It triggers the testes and the natural production of male hormones. And this is exactly what one needs during the PCT.

While on steroids, the body gets used to the lack of need to produce male hormones internally. Thus, such outer stimulation is quite beneficial and gives good results.

Aromatase Inhibitors

Such remedies as anastrozole, letrozole and exemestane belong to this group and diminish the effects of estrogen by binding it and decreasing its concentration in the body.

After the period of steroid usage, the body may overproduce estrogen. This leads to certain adverse effects and ruins the action of synthetic hormones. This is the reason why this group of medicines is also prescribed for men during PTC.

Why Do You Need Post Cycle Treatment?

Now let’s consider the main reasons to organize PCT properly and do not neglect this period after the time spent on steroids.

Testosterone production

While one takes synthetic testosterone, this has certain beneficial effects on health, helps to gain muscles, feel more active and energetic and enhance overall performance. At the same time, when the body gets enough hormones from outside, it becomes a signal to stop its natural production.

After one stops the intake of pills, there is no way for the body to understand that inner production is required again. Of course, the hormonal system will react on its own but it’ll take a lot of time, during which the effects of synthetic steroids will disappear.

As for the remedies described above, they help to avoid side effects and bring the hormonal balance back to normal as fast as possible. Therefore, all the positive effects will remain and there will be no additional stress for the body.

Muscle gains

While on testosterone, it is easier to gain muscular mass and get enough strength. However, when the concentration of this male hormone decreases, this inevitably leads to the loss of muscles.

Thus, the balance of male hormones is crucial for athletes and all those who take care of athletic shape. It is important to avoid a significant drop in testosterone concentration and remedies for PCT are designed for this purpose.

Hormone levels

While testosterone concentration decreases after the end of steroid intake, the estrogen may rise. Even its normal quantity will exceed the needed due to the lack of male hormones. The thing is that the hormonal system exists in a sophisticated balance and each part of the system has influence on the other.

In addition, hormonal imbalance always leads to certain side effects and even diseases. That is why it’s better to avoid it with the help of PCT.

Estrogen rebound

SERMs and aromatase inhibitors allow for diminishing the effects of estrogen and lowering its concentration in men during PCT. Estrogen levels always rise after stopping the intake of steroids. And the body will need a lot of time to decrease this effect naturally. Thus, it’s better to help it with the remedies described above.


Another dimension of PCT is the level of cholesterol. The latter rises while on steroids and decreases slowly, during the months after their usage. As high cholesterol levels may lead to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues, it is crucial to monitor them.

In case they are too high, the appropriate medicines are recommended as well as certain dietary changes.

Lifestyle During PCT

Last but not least goes the lifestyle. While taking medicines, it is also important to follow general advice on diet, training and work-life balance. All these areas of life possess a great impact on the body and its condition.

Nutrition and dietary

A proper diet for PCT should include a lot of lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The body needs to get enough proteins to maintain the gained muscular mass. At the same time, it’s better to avoid fatty and sugary foods due to the possible rise in cholesterol levels.

Sleep and stress management

Furthermore, take care of your rest. It is recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep daily to get enough rest and give the body and the muscles time to restore their strength.

As for stress, it has a direct impact on the hormonal system. Permanent stress leads to many disorders and health problems. That is why apply mindfulness techniques, meditation, deep breathing or talk to a psychologist. Any approach is good when it is regular and helps you feel better.


At last, you should not avoid training during your PCT. Usually, it should not be as intense as during the period on steroids. Still, visit the gym regularly and continue to follow your program. This will help greatly to avoid loss of muscles and stay in good shape.

Managing Side Effects

Finally, keep in mind that certain adverse effects may appear during the PCT. It is normal to feel:

  • less energy, motivation and desire to act;
  • less strength during training sessions;
  • mood fluctuations and abrupt changes;
  • some loss of the gained muscular mass.

One needs to be ready for such effects and cope with them using the proper PCT treatment combined with a healthy diet, regular training, enough rest and stress management. The body usually needs several weeks to get back to the normal hormonal levels.

Then, these side effects disappear and there will be no more problems.


In a nutshell, the proper Post cycle treatment is no less important for the body than the steroid cycle itself. When it is done correctly, you’ll not lose the positive effects of synthetic hormones and will avoid side effects that may occur after the cycle. Anyway, hormonal balance always requires attention and care. Therefore, plan your PCT beforehand and follow the recommended scheme to stay healthy and active.


What is the best PCT to take after a cycle?

The most commonly prescribed and used remedy for PCT is Clomid or Clomiphene. It inhibits the action of estrogen and helps the body to recover faster.

What is the treatment after steroid cycle?

After the intake of synthetic hormones, the body needs help to get into the normal balance. That is why the treatment includes remedies that enhance the natural testosterone production and those that diminish the effect of estrogen.

When should you start PCT?

On average, this treatment starts 3-4 days after the last injection. If prolonged testosterone preparations were used, the specialist will recommend to begin PCT two weeks after the last dose.

How do you recover from a post cycle?

For this, one needs special medicines that bring the body back to normal and also certain lifestyle changes are recommended, such as a balanced diet, considerable training and enough rest.